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For the past 3 years we have embarked upon a mission to design a solution for the Tobacco Rollers community.

The common product in the market today is a leather or leather-like pouch. Yet, this is a partial solution for tobacco rolling, as it requires a set of operations, has no place for double rolling paper or a lighter Usually, Tobacco-rollers improvise, such as:

  • Rubber Band

    A rubber band that ties together all the necessary accessories.

  • Tin Can

    A tin-can that is stuffed with everything

  • Pouch

    Just stuffing everything into the tobacco pouch.

  • Tobacco Package

    A tobacco package accompanied by a tin can that contains the rolling papers, filters and a lighter.

As a long-time Tobacco-roller, and an entrepreneur by nature, I decided to tackle this unattended need. The goal was A simple to use product Holistic – must contain all the accessories, tobacco ,rolling Paper, filters & lighter Comfortable to carry, in a pocket or handbag Contemporary design.



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