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Stash Box

Stash Box

Cannabis smokers always look for better ways to handle every cannabis tool, accessory or paraphernalia. A stash box is supposed to be an all in one accessory designed to make the preparation and use of cannabis much easier, usually in a home setting. Here are the reasons you should also use a stash box, and especially the portable multi use stash box that is Tobox Green.

Cannabis use requires quite a bit of supplies

Cannabis smoking is a habit with both recreational and medicinal purposes, and there’s no need to elaborate on just how much it expended in stature, legality and popularity over the last few years. A casual or social smoker, one that doesn’t usually take responsibility for the preparation and rolling of weed, can sometimes be ignorant of the fact that cannabis smoking requires quite a bit of supplies and appliances. The bare minimum for every joint rolled is a rolling surface, a tobacco pouch, a grinder, rolling papers, paper filter tips and a lighter. If you’re used to smoking spliffs mixed with tobacco, you also need the tobacco itself, a container and perhaps small scissors to make the mixing of tobacco and weed easier. Bottom line is that’s quite a long list, and such a long list can make quite a mess.

How to avoid a mess?

It’s very likely that every weed smoker can relate to the experience of waking up to find the living room or smoking room table all filled to the brim with weed, tobacco, filter tips, rolling papers, with an upside down ashtray and an always missing lighter to make the experience that much more frustrating. While that may be an essential part of the cannabis journey for many, it is also no way to live day to day with your cannabis habit. For the casual to everyday smoker, there must be a way to create order in chaos and make the rolling and smoking experience a neater, easier one. That is exactly the purpose for which a stash box is made. 

Stash boxes are designed to control the chaos

A stash box is basically a simple, usually wooden box, with different spaces and compartments inside it to store and keep safe both the cannabis and supplies it requires. A stash box is usually a medium to large home appropriate appliance, designed to make our home cannabis habit tidier and easier. While tidy might not be the word most closely associated with weed smokers, it’s very clear nowadays that’s simply a stigma, as most cannabis smokers would probably enjoy making their home equipment that much easier to store and handle. A quality stash box, designed for controlling the sometimes uncontrollable weed chaos, would make every smoker’s life as convenient as it can and should be.

What should a stash box contain?

A stash box should contain every supply and appliance used for the preparation and rolling of weed:

  • Weed: Obviously, in a stash box weed is the most important supply to store and protect. A regular stash box should have a compartment designed for weed both in terms of size and in terms of humidity, support and reachability.
  • Grinder: A stash box isn’t really a weed stash box without a proper place to store your grinder. A grinder, used for grinding buds or flowers into the powdery consistency most suitable for rolling in a joint, is the basic appliance for every cannabis smoker. Grinders can be as small as a folded paper or as large as a small bowl, and the stash box size should fit the size of your preferred grinder size and shape. Some smokers prefer to keep different kinds of grinders for different cannabis variants, and a proper stash box should be able to store multiple grinders accordingly. \
  • Rolling papers and filter tips: the other basic necessities for rolling joints or even regular cigarettes are rolling papers and filter tips, usually of the paper kind. Here too there are different sizes of papers befitting different preferred joint sizes - and the stash box should be able to contain all of them.
  • Rolling tray: a small surface used for grinding and mixing of weed and tobacco, to easily roll the joint on top of.
  • Lighter.
  • Small scissors, a compressing tool and other useful appliances.

Does the stash box have to be stationary?

While the common stash box is a rather stationary appliance, it really doesn’t have to be. Portable, easy to store and fit-in-your-pocket stash boxes provide the perfect solution for traveling with your weed paraphernalia, and perhaps no product better exemplifies that solution than the Tobox Green.

Tobox Green is a product that eclipses all stash boxes

Tobox Green is the all-in-one solution you were looking for when it comes to a portable stash box, containing every appliance you need for traveling with cannabis, whether for medical or for recreational purposes. The Tobox Green stash box, sized to fit a common pocket or handbag, contains multiple compartments, pockets and appliances that makes our cannabis smoking that much more convenient. Each Tobox Green contains a Herb Tube to store your buds, a portable foldable grinding surface, a pocket for king size, medium and small rolling papers, a carton filter holder and a folded rolling surface. A patented lighter holder also keeps your lighter safe and easily found, and we added a small compressing key just to make your joints as perfectly tight as they should be even when rolling outside the house.

TOBOX gives every cannabis smoker the best user experience

TOBOX makes products that allow our smoking lives to be as convenient as they should be. The Tobox Green exemplifies that mantra, and you could also check out our Tobox Classic - which may be used as a stash box with rolling tray for the clumsier rollers out there. TOBOX would love to supply you with the best portable stash box in the market, and make your cannabis rolling and smoking habit as easy, tidy and neat as you want it to be, all for a very affordable price to boot and with an option to buy wholesale.

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