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Rolling machine

Rolling machine

Hand rolled cigarettes are, quite frankly, a different experience than regular ones. A hand rolled smoker would surely know what we’re talking about, and a cannabis smoker is also sure to agree. However, not everyone has the skill or energy to roll their own cigarette - but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. The obvious and perfect solution is a rolling machine. What is a rolling machine, how does it work and what are its merits? Let's understand together

What’s the difference between regular cigarettes and hand rolled ones?

For a non-smoker, there might not seem to be a major difference between regular pack cigarettes and hand rolled cigarettes. For a smoker, however, the difference is usually a striking one. While pack cigarettes are usually one sized in terms of width and length, hand rolled cigarettes are modifiable to the smoker’s preferences. Hand rolled cigarettes are commonly thinner and lighter to smoke, and hand rolling usually creates a somewhat more affordable smoking habit. Rolling your own cigarettes by hand therefore seems like a no brainer, but many people still refrain from rolling and stick with regular cigarettes, simply because their rolling skills are inadequate. 

Rolling a cigarette isn’t necessarily easy

While a skill that can definitely be taught, hand rolling cigarettes still isn’t very easy for many smokers, who therefore stick with pack cigarettes despite wanting to make the switch. Some people are just naturally less skillful, and some just don’t have the energy to roll a cigarette every time they want to smoke. That challenge is especially difficult for many cannabis smokers, as the cannabis smoker’s profile is usually different from that of a regular smoker. A cannabis smoker is often not a cigarette smoker, and therefore has no experience pertaining to rolling a cigarette or a joint. In other cases, cannabis smoking may be an acute medical need for neurological or psychiatric conditions that make the act of rolling naturally harder or even impossible.

For all of those reasons, there needs to be a solution for rolling cigarettes that doesn’t include hand rolling - a rolling machine.

A cigarette rolling machine - does it actually exist?

A cigarette rolling machine doesn’t only exist - it’s actually quite common. Cigarette rolling machines come in different shapes and sizes, and are supposed to make it much easier to roll your own cigarette or joint without having the hand skills usually needed for it. The idea behind a regular rolling machine is quite simple - put a rolling paper and a filter tip on the rolling surface, add your desired amount of tobacco or cannabis mix on top, and simply close the rolling machine lid to roll your cigarette neatly.

What about a cannabis rolling machine?

A cannabis rolling machine usually isn’t very much different from a regular cigarette rolling machine, with the major differences coming on the edges - while a regular rolling machine will be packed with regular rolling papers and filter tips, a cannabis roller would usually come with a cannabis kit that includes a grinder, larger rolling papers and carton filters. Some appliances, like the Tobox Green, provide an all in one solution to grind, pack and roll a cannabis kit even when outside - and that is usually the kind of appliance that cannabis rollers would look for if they want a rolling machine. In most cases, however, a regular high quality rolling machine (albeit fitting the larger king size rolling papers) would be just fine for cannabis rollers.

A rolling machine for cigarettes should be easy to use

While the idea behind a rolling machine for cigarettes is definitely a brilliant one, some rolling machines don’t quite do the trick as well. There can be different reasons for that - a mechanism that’s inconvenient to use, a machine that’s too loose or simply a rolling machine that’s too heavy and large to carry around easily. A smoker usually smokes some if not most of his daily cigarettes when outside the house, and his rolling machine should fit that bill and be easy to carry and use even when standing or walking.

Rolling machines must be small and portable to be useful

Both the size and portability of the rolling machine are usually the most important factors in determining how useful the rolling machine actually is. Keep in mind that many smokers, especially women, don’t necessarily carry large backpacks or handbags around. A good rolling machine should fit a common women’s purse size, and take as much space as a cigarette pack, in order to be useful and portable to everyone’s preferences. If the rolling machine could even fit a pocket - that’s probably best in terms of fitting your smoking habit even when not carrying any sort of bag.

A rolling machine can be much more than that

After understanding what makes a good rolling machine good, it’s time to understand what can make it excellent. A rolling machine can be so much more than a regular rolling machine - it can be an all in one experience with other necessary smoking accessories such as a lighter, a tobacco pouch, a stash box and even a pre-rolled cigarette case. The Tobox Classic appliance is exactly that - an all in one appliance to fit every rolling need and crave. The Tobox classic is small, portable and is easily and tightly shut, so that no tobacco or cannabis may slip away inside your bag or purse. If you’re looking for a rolling machine that can truly give you the best rolling experience even if you’re unable to roll by hand - the Tobox Classic is the perfect solution for you.

TOBOX - an all-in-one rolling and smoking solution

TOBOX is a company specializing in smoking and rolling products, with both the TOBOX Classic and Green bring prime examples of a user friendly easy to use rolling and smoking appliance. Check out our products, which come in different colors to your preferences, and make your smoking and rolling habits that much easier.

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