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Aluminum Cigarette Case

Aluminum Cigarette Case

A cigarette case is a highly useful appliance, used for storing and safely traveling with cigarettes, especially of the hand-rolled variety. When looking for a cigarette case, we must think of both functionality and aesthetics. An aluminum cigarette case is a very common option that has some merits - but it’s best to understand all options before selecting a case.

Rolling your cigarettes? you probably need a case

Generally speaking, there are two main kinds of commonly smoked cigarettes (without mentioning joints and cannabis products) - regular cigarettes and hand-rolled cigarettes. If your cigarettes of choice are of the regular variety, then storing and traveling safely with your cigarettes probably isn’t a major issue. Sure, cigarette packs can get kind of mushy in your pocket or bag - but the cigarettes themselves are usually safe and sound. However, if you favor hand-rolled cigarettes, storing and traveling safely with your cigarettes probably is a major issue, as they come with no pack and are usually thinner and frailer by nature. In that case (pun intended), you need a cigarette case, and an aluminum cigarette case is a very common option.


What should you look for in a cigarette case?

A cigarette case must have some properties to make it useful and comfortable:

  • Size: The cigarette case must be sized to fit your packing needs. A too large aluminum cigarette case that fits no pockets or small bag compartments would not be useful. On the other hand, using a case that is not intended for cigarettes and thus is too small or short - just wouldn’t do the trick.
  • Durability: A cigarette case must be durable in order to fully answer its user’s needs. A frail cigarette case just wouldn’t keep the hand rolled cigarette safe and sound, and we’ll just get mushy, unsmokable cigarettes as a result.
  • Functionality: A cigarette case really can be much more than a simple case. In this day and age, cigarette cases can be highly functional and be used for far more than simply storing cigarettes. Some cigarette cases offer an actual all-in-one hand rolling solution with a rolling machine or a stash box for cannabis smokers - and that’s definitely an option to consider.

Cigarette case aluminum - why is it so popular?

An aluminum cigarette case is perhaps the most common kind of cigarette case, and one can’t deny the merits of aluminum as a material for cigarette cases. When it comes to designing a cigarette case aluminum has the advantages of being durable and light, so a cigarette case might be made to fit the needed size while not burdening the pocket or bag we carry. Aluminum is also usually a rather cheap material, and an aluminum cigarette case would be appropriately priced considering that.

What are the disadvantages of an aluminum cigarette case?

Despite it being very common, an aluminum cigarette case might not be the very best option if you’re looking for a cigarette case to pack your hand-rolled cigarette. One major reason is that aluminum, while being pretty durable compared to some materials, is definitely not the most durable and flexible option out there. Aluminum is very stiff and as such an aluminum cigarette case would sometimes not be comfortable to carry (especially in a pants pocket). An aluminum cigarette case would probably do its job just fine for a while - but if you’re looking for a long term solution you probably need a better, more functional one.

TOBOX - an all-in-one cigarette case and rolling kit

TOBOX is a company specializing in hand-rolled cigarette products, with our main products being the Tobox Classic and the Tobox Green, both very fitting to be a cigarette case with all the merits of an aluminum cigarette case - with none of the disadvantages. The Tobox Classic, especially, is a cigarette case that can also be used as a tobacco pouch, and can also easily store your rolling papers, filter tips and lighter to make the hand-rolling experience a far easier one. TOBOX allows you to select among a wide variety of colors and even to buy wholesale for a very affordable price. For the hand rolled cigarette smoker - there is no better gift.

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