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  • Espositore Tobox Green
  • Espositore Tobox Green
  • Espositore Tobox Green

Espositore Tobox Green

Tobox Green è una soluzione su misura per l'uso medico e ricreativo della cannabis. Tobox Green è il prodotto completo per arrotolare la cannabis, per gli utilizzatori sia di sigarette che di tabacco.

Ciascun Espositore contiene:

10 unità Tobox: 5 colori, 2 per ciascun colore; Chiare e semplici istruzioni per la configurazione dell'espositore

Ciascun Tobox Green contiene:

Macina erbe, cartina King size, filtri in cartone con superficie di rotolamento

Prezzo di listino $140.00
Prezzo di listino Prezzo di vendita $140.00
Vendita Esaurito

All In One.

It’s All In The Details

When Michael approached me about his vision of giving the cannabis roller a wholesome solution in a pocket-size kit, I was excited to face the challenge-designing an innovative, functional product, with everything required for a perfect user experience, and no less important - making it beautiful. I think we succeeded. —Dan Spiegelmann, Industrial designer.

Instructions For Use

  • Herb Tube & Grinder

  • Rolling Surface

    We have also included a rolling surface – fold up after use and stow in the filter compartment or the tobacco compartment

  • Rolling Paper

  • Tobacco

    Contains approximately 10g tobacco or more… by compressing with your fingers

  • Cigarettes

    Room for 8 cigarettes

  • Herb Only

    The large section can be used just for your cannabis mix

  • Filter Tips & Carton Filters

    Contains approximately 30 filter tips Contains approximately 8 carton filters

  • Lighter

    The patented lighter holder is one of our most innovative ideas. The instant of this realization was almost magical. The lighter slots into the box, and can easily be pushed out for use

  • The Key

    Used for compressing the herb, and also for removing the remains of herb from the herb tube. The key slides out easily with your fingertip. Push out and slide from right to left

  • Card

    Movable partition for the main compartment. For optimized seal locking, the compartment barrier must be in place


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