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Cannabis Box Storage: Here’s How to Properly Store Your Cannabis Stash

cannabis box storage

The Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology claims that, when kept correctly, cannabis can survive up to two years. However, baggies can fast result in dried-out or stale buds that soon lose their freshness. So how do you keep your stash of marijuana safely stored? In a plastic bag or a Cannabis Box Storage? 

Creating an environment where marijuana won't soon deteriorate is essential for practical preservation. It would be best if you kept the humidity and temperature at the correct levels and got rid of oxygen and UV radiation. UV rays may burn cannabinoids, and too much moisture can promote the formation of mold.

According to cannabis chef and cookbook author Tracey Medeiros, "The ideal method to store cannabis is in an airtight Cannabis Box Storage, away from direct sunlight. Oxygen speeds up the deterioration process, and high temps can dry up your treasured strains. The date and contents should be written on the Cannabis Box Storage label. Store away from the fridge and freezer in a cold, dark location.


Why is a Cannabis Box Storage Required?

You may extend the life of your cannabis and can hold all accessories: tobacco, rolling paper, filter tips & lighter. It is easy to carry around by storing cannabis and its accessories in ToBox Cannabis Box Storage. Just be sure to stay away from plastic bags at all times because they quickly lose their scent and potency, making the buds stale. Many of us spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on cannabis, and with the right storage, that priceless flower may stay as solid and fragrant as the day you got it. Proper storage will help your marijuana last longer if you don't use it too regularly. A Cannabis Box Storage is also required as a safety measure for people who live with children or animals or want to keep the accessories safe.

 Cannabis Box Storage

Myths Regarding Cannabis Storage 

Myth 1: It may be stored in a plastic bag

While keeping marijuana in a plastic or Ziploc bag may be practical, the flavor and quality are rapidly lost. Storing marijuana in a plastic bag may cause the trichrome, or crystals that contribute to your herb's strength, to be torn away. If you must use plastic, choose a vacuum sealer as it will remove air. But storing cannabis in its storage box will be more beneficial as you can store it with all its accessories like tobacco, rolling paper, filter tips & lighter. 


Myth 2: To keep the weed fresh

The beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids in your cannabis might be lost if the air is too chilly since it can make trichrome brittle. Since you have no control over the temperature or humidity in your fridge or freezer, it could also promote mold formation. Instead, store it in ToBox Cannabis Box Storage which can easily hold: tobacco, rolling paper, filter tips & lighter. This storage box indeed enhances freshness with humidity packs.

Myth 3: A tobacco humidor can be utilized

That's a definite no! Companies provide humidors made specifically for cannabis, and Cedarwood, which is used to make tobacco humidors, might detract from the flavor of your cannabis. Instead, companies use solid mahogany in the construction of humidors, which doesn't produce the same results. Suppose you presently store your marijuana in a plastic bag. In that case, we advise upgrading to a Cannabis Box Storage like ToBox Green and Tobox Classic with airtight technology. We can hold all accessories: tobacco, rolling paper, filter tips & lighter. After dispelling a few myths, continue reading to find out the proper technique to store marijuana.


How can you tell if marijuana has become bad?

Cannabis crumbles easily and becomes brown, indicating that it has lost its freshness. Don't believe any of the beliefs above if you want to maintain your buds healthy and fresh throughout time. Instead, we advise using one of ToBox carefully examined Cannabis Box Storage, which preserves cannabis' unique flavor, aroma, and THC crystals; it can also hold all accessories: tobacco, rolling paper, filter tips & lighter. The buds may be cured in the top airtight Cannabis Box Storage below, increasing strength over time.

Oxygen exposure can also cause pre-rolled joints to degrade. If you enjoy rolling your joints ahead of time, think about storing them in a tube-shaped container given in ToBox to maintain quality. Here are some critical elements that our cannabis box storage provides when it comes to keeping your cannabis supply safely:

Temperature: Keep your cannabis at temperatures under 75 F to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Light: Cannabis degrades more quickly when exposed to light. You may prevent this deterioration by storing your goods in a dim area, such as a cabinet or drawer. UV protection is incorporated into certain Cannabis Box Storage. Light penetration is crucial when it comes to keeping cannabis, according to Jeff Finnerty, vice president and head of marketing at cannabis distributor AYR Wellness. The cannabinoid and terpene qualities of the flower will be diminished by too much light. Thus it is advised to store the flower in ToBox Cannabis Box Storage.

Humidity: According to Larry Smith and Melanie Abrams, authors of the Cannabis Cookbook, "Moisture is the most significant hazard to cannabis because it encourages mold and mildew, and nobody wants their dank weed to be, well, dank. However, without some humidity, your flower loses crucial elements like terpenes, which give cannabis its particular scent and may help you get the desired effect (strains heavy in the terpene linalool, for example, encourage relaxation). Cannabis stored in either too damp or dry conditions can rapidly deteriorate. Consider combining with a humidity packet (55–62%) to provide the ideal quantity of moisture to counteract this.

Air control: The amount of oxygen in your cannabis may significantly influence. Because they prevent oxygen from entering, jars and vacuum-sealed bags are the best options for keeping buds as fresh as possible. The amount of your storage is important for the same reason. Leaving too much headroom in the jar is one of the most typical mistakes people make while preserving marijuana, according to Khalid Al-Naser, Head of Product at the upscale cannabis extract company Raw Garden. There should be a tiny gap between the lid and the item to keep the thing effective.

Check out ToBox top products that keep your cannabis safe and fresh if you want to know how to store marijuana in a way that preserves its quality, locks in scent, and keeps it out of sight of curious eyes. These marijuana storage alternatives also come in child-resistant variations. 

Find the ideal Cannabis Box Storage for you by reading on.


ToBox Green

ToBox Green is a tailor-made solution for the medical and recreational use of cannabis. This Cannabis Box Storage is a complete product for rolling cannabis for users of both cigarettes and tobacco. 

Each Cannabis Box Storage contains an herbs tube, Grinder, and many other accessories. It comes in different colors. For more details, visit our website ToBox and place your order.

Tobox Classic

The invented and beautifully made tobacco box. It can carry all the extras, including a lighter, tobacco, rolling paper, and filter tips. It is easy to transport, and it also comes in different colors. For more details, visit our website ToBox and place your order.

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