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Luxury Cigarette Case

Luxury Cigarette Case

A cigarette case is an appliance with a rather simple purpose - carry and store cigarettes (commonly of the hand rolled variety) while keeping both the cigarettes safe and the bag or purse clean. A luxury cigarette case, however, can be a rather different animal altogether - an all-in-one appliance which makes the smoking and rolling experience far more comfortable.

Let’s start with the basic cigarette case

Cigarette cases are a rather common item, mostly but not exclusively used by hand rolled cigarette or cannabis smokers. A cigarette case functionally replaces the good old cigarette pack with a firmer case that holds and carries cigarettes without squishing and without finding leftover tobacco spread in the bottom of your bag or purse. Usually, cigarettes will be rolled just before leaving the house, and the cigarette case would then make sure they are still kept together and ready for smoking when the urge comes. After understanding the basic case - it’s time to know the luxury cigarette case, with all of its benefits.

What makes a luxury cigarette case luxurious?

A luxury cigarette case can be luxurious because of different properties. Truth be told, when buying a cigarette case luxury usually isn’t the thing most smokers look for. Usually, we just look for a good case that can be used for more than just packing cigarettes, and that will remain shut and safe even when traveling inside a pocket or handbag. Essentially, that’s what a luxury cigarette holder case is - a high quality, safe and useful cigarette case that gives its user the best smoking experience possible. 

Creating a luxury smoking experience

A luxury cigarette case can and should create a luxury smoking experience, and such an experience has quite a few factors to it -

  • Case safety - A luxury cigarette case needs to be made of solid and durable materials, capable of withstanding the regular wear and tear of the day to day use. The closing mechanism should be highly durable as well, to prevent the accidental opening that can lead to a tobacco spilling catastrophe.
  • Smoking and Rolling appliances - The extra mile is usually the deciding factor in making a cigarette case luxurious. A luxury cigarette case with a lighter is automatically a better one. Other necessary appliances such as a built-in tobacco pouch, stash box, rolling machine or surface and designated pockets for rolling papers and filters are definitely the aforementioned extra mile. 

An expensive cigarette case isn’t necessarily a luxury one

Most people relate the word “luxury” with a higher price tag, but that really isn’t the necessary case (pun intended) when it comes to a luxury cigarette case. A luxury cigarette case can and should be affordable to smokers of all kinds, and in contrast an expansive cigarette case will often offer more glitz than functionality. A solid cigarette case made of quality materials and containing different useful appliances to make the rolling and smoking experience easier doesn’t have to cost all that much - and that’s exactly the deal offered by TOBOX and its quality products.

Luxury cigarette cases should be an all-in-one smoking and rolling appliance

Let’s think of ideal luxury cigarette cases for a second. Obviously, it should be a firm case made of good materials, with a durable closing mechanism to prevent spillage. In order to truly make it a luxury cigarette case, it should also include all the appliances aforementioned, with the most important of those being a space for tobacco, rolling papers and filter tips. Add in a lighter holder and a rolling machine and you can actually have a luxury rolling and smoking experience. If all of that can actually come in a small, portable and pocket-fitting size - that’s pretty much ideal. Lucky for you, what we’ve just described is a word-by-word description of the Tobox Classic cigarette case.

TOBOX - functional, useful and luxury cigarette cases

TOBOX is a company founded by smokers for smokers, creating the best rolling and smoking experience with each and every one of its products. The Tobox Classic is a prime example of a luxury cigarette case, and if you’re a cannabis smoker you’ll definitely be happy with the Tobox Green all-in-one appliance for all of your cannabis smoking, grinding and smoking needs.

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