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Tobacco Pouch

Tobacco Pouch

Rolling your own cigarettes? Looking for a convenient solution for your cannabis rolling needs? Most chances are you’re at least familiar with the concept of a tobacco pouch. Tobacco pouches can make the entire hand-rolling experience much easier. However, it’s important that we use a quality pouch that suits our rolling needs - and that’s where TOBOX comes into play.

Hand rolling is a way of life

Anyone that’s not a cigarette or cannabis smoker might not know that, but there’s actually quite a difference between regular cigarettes and hand rolled ones. Hand rolling is, for many people, more than a common hobby but an actual way of life, with hand rollers swearing by the quality and convenience of rolling your own cigarettes and/or cannabis products. Hand rolling provides us with a comfortable and modifiable way to control our smoking in terms of both quantity and quality, but it does have a common problem associated with it - carrying your tobacco and rolling products around. For that exact need, a tobacco pouch is usually the best solution.

What is a tobacco rolling pouch?

A tobacco rolling pouch is usually a small pouch or case, providing the hand roller with a neat and convenient way to carry his tobacco around. The tobacco or grinded down cannabis is inserted into the pouch, and the smoker can simply open the pouch and roll his cigarette whenever he or she wants to. That way, the tobacco or cannabis can be moved without creating a mess in our pockets, bags or wallets - a mess that probably feels very familiar to hand rollers who don’t own a tobacco pouch. However, tobacco pouches can and should be more than a simple pouch for tobacco. A quality tobacco pouch can be an all in one solution for the hand roller’s needs. On the other hand, a low quality or even too simple of a tobacco pouch can create as much of a headache as carrying your tobacco without a pouch altogether.

Commonly needed features of quality tobacco pouches

There are certain requirements and features that separate high quality tobacco pouches from simpler ones. Let’s begin with the regular tobacco pouch, for the hand rolled cigarettes smoker:

  • Cleanliness: The first and most important quality of a tobacco pouch is the cleanliness it provides. The tobacco pouch should be as tight shut as it can be when not used, with the risk of it being mistakenly opened when inserted into a bag or pocket being minimal. This is the most basic need that leads people to use a tobacco pouch, and it should always be the first priority when selecting your tobacco pouch.
  • Smoking equipment: rolling your cigarettes requires not only a space for your tobacco, but also a convenient way to carry your smoking equipment - rolling papers in different sizes, filters and a lighter at the very least. A tobacco pouch should provide its user with a neat way to carry everything he needs - without losing anything in the depths of our bags and pockets.

The cannabis smoker’s pouch

If you’re a cannabis smoker looking for a holistic solution, you probably have a few extra needs:

  • Separate tobacco and cannabis spaces: The cannabis roller’s pouch should have an easy to use and neat separation between the tobacco space and cannabis space. 
  • Larger rolling papers and tips: Cannabis smokers commonly use a king-size rolling paper and carton filter tips, usually in addition to the regular size rolling paper and cigarette filters.
  • Herb management: Smoking cannabis means you probably sometimes need to carry around the herb when not grinded, so your tobacco pouch should include a herb-appropriate space and a carryable easy to use grinder, and perhaps also a detachable rolling surface.

Different kinds of rolling pouches to suit different needs

Tobacco pouches and rolling pouches as a whole come in different shapes and sizes, and different kinds of pouches can suit the needs of different smokers and rollers. A leather tobacco pouch, for example, will usually be used by a casual smoker that needs his or her tobacco to be easily accessible and used, however not in large quantities.

The same logic can be applied to “soft” fabric based pouches as a whole. In contrast, heavier smokers might enjoy a harder and more functional pouch, providing them with an easy solution to carry everything they need and use the pouch frequently without it losing its structure and cleanliness.

Cannabis smokers, whether casual or frequent, might also go for functionality over convenience as their main concern when choosing a tobacco pouch. It seems like that exact balance, between functionality and convenience, is the thing that most hand rollers look for in a tobacco pouch - and lucky for us, TOBOX provides an all in one solution that has both ends covered to perfection.

TOBOX - an all in one solution for every hand-roller around

Whether you’re a hand rolled cigarette smoker, a cannabis smoker or both - the TOBOX catalog gives you the best possible solution to your every rolling need.

The Tobox Classic tobacco box is a small, neat and extremely convenient product that makes hand rolled cigarettes as easily carried as regular ones. It includes appropriate spaces for tobacco, pre-rolled cigarettes, rolling paper, filter tips and a lighter, plus a small key for compressing the tobacco.

The Tobox Green cannabis case is an all-in-one solution for the casual, medical and recreational cannabis smoker. It has all the Tobox Classic features, with the addition of a larger rolling paper pocket fitting a king-size rolling paper, carton filters holder rolling surface, herb tube and easy to use grinder. 

Both the Classic and Green variations are small, neat and durable, providing the best user experience compared to any other tobacco pouch. The user experience is enhanced by the simple yet beautiful design, with the ability to pick between different colors for both the TOBOX products. If you’re a hand rolled cigarette smoker, a cannabis smoker or even if you’re both - It’s time to get rolling with TOBOX.

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