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  • Expositor Tobox Classic
  • Expositor Tobox Classic
  • Expositor Tobox Classic

Expositor Tobox Classic

Una caja de tabaco bellamente diseñada y patentada. Puede acomodar todos los accesorios: tabaco, papel de liar, puntas de filtro y mechero. Puede llevarse fácilmente a cualquier lugar.

Cada expositor contiene:

10 unidades de Tobox: 5 colores (4 negras, 2 grises, 2 gris claro, 1 anaranjada, 1 azul)
Instrucciones claras y sencillas para instalar el expositor

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Exactly What You Needed.

Meet Tobox Classic

As a long-time Tobacco-roller, and an entrepreneur by nature, I decided to tackle this unattended need. The goal was A simple to use product Holistic – must contain all the accessories, tobacco,rolling Paper, filters & lighter Comfortable to carry, in a pocket or handbag Contemporary design.

Instruction For Use

  • Rolling Paper

    2 small size rolling paper packages can be used

  • Filter Tips

    Contains approximately 40 filter tips

  • Lighter

    The patented lighter holder is one of our most innovative ideas the instant of this realization was almost magical

  • The Key

    Compressing the tobacco. The key easily slides out with your fingertip. Left to right direction


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