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Smoking Accessories

Smoking Accessories


Smoking is a habit that usually requires some accessories. Smoking accessories are significantly more necessary for people who choose to roll their own cigarettes, and ditto for those of us smoking and rolling cannabis products. If you’re new to the field, it’s best to understand exactly what accessories are needed for rolling and smoking cigarettes, and get to know the all-in-one smoking accessories party boxes that are the TOBOX products.

Why and when are accessories for smoking needed?

For the casual or even social “can I have one please” variety of smoker, smoking accessories might not seem like a necessity. However, most smokers know very well how important quality accessories for smoking are for the daily smoking habit. The most basic example of smoking accessories that virtually any smoker needs is a lighter - but a lighter is truly just the beginning. That rings especially true for people who choose to roll their own cigarettes or cannabis products.

Rolled cigarettes require quite a bit of different items

When smoking a regular cigarette, the basic accessories needed are usually the cigarette itself (perhaps stored within a cigarette case) and a lighter. Hand rolled cigarettes are however somewhat trickier, and require more smoking accessories that are used daily for the ideal rolling and smoking experience. Cannabis smokers especially need some good equipment to support their rolling and smoking - and it’s time to know what exactly are those accessories.

What are the basic cigarette smoking accessories?

  • Lighter - a lighter is the basic accessory every smoker needs. The thing is the lighter itself usually isn’t enough, as lighters are small and easily lost even when being careful with them. Therefore, most smokers would easily sympathize with a need for a lighter holder or case, which helps make sure the lighter is safely stored and easily found.
  • Rolling papers and filters - The basic ingredients for a hand rolled cigarette, other than the tobacco itself, are rolling papers and filter tips. Rolling papers come in different varieties and sizes, to fit different smokers and different cigarettes. A small size white cigarette paper is quite different from king size brown paper usually used for cannabis - and it’s important to use the paper best fitting with your preferences. Filters are another necessity, and there are 2 kinds here too - soft filter tips used for cigarettes, and carton filters commonly useful for cannabis.
  • Tobacco and cannabis storage - another very important accessory for the hand rolled smoker is a case to hold, move and store their tobacco and/or cannabis. It’s very possible that every smoker intimately knows the miserable experience of having your tobacco or cannabis spreading and hitting rock bottom in a pocket, purse or bag. A simple tobacco pouch provides an easy solution to prevent said experience.
  • Additional accessories - there are quite a few accessories that while not basic, definitely provide an upgrade to every smoker and roller. A grinder used for, well, grinding the cannabis into a roll-able powder is important for the cannabis smoker, and a compressing item is very useful even for regular cigarettes. Having a portable rolling machine is a true luxury, and even if you don’t need one it’s always good to have a folded rolling surface used for rolling neatly with minimal waste.

Bad accessories create a bad smoking experience

While accessories are definitely a necessity, low quality accessories can really be a drag on your smoking habit. It’s extremely frustrating to start rolling a cigarette only to find your tobacco case failed and tobacco is spread everywhere, or your grinder not working smoothly when really needing a joint. Simply put, it’s not enough to have accessories - it’s important to have high quality smoking accessories. For a smoker accessories gifts the convenience of controlling your smoking easily - and bad accessories can cause unimaginable frustration.

Smoking accessories for ladies - is there any difference?

Smoking accessories for ladies aren’t necessarily vastly different from regular accessories, but that does come with a caveat. Women very commonly prefer to carry a small purse rather than a handbag or backpack, and that’s quite limiting from a smoking accessories point of view. Therefore, the ideal women-friendly smoking accessory is not only high quality, it’s also small.

Smoking accessories box - an all-in-one solution

A box designed for smoking accessories might not be exactly what you think. You might be thinking of a living room-appropriate stash box, but while those have their merits, it’s not exactly what we’re talking about. We here in TOBOX have created an all-in-one portable solution for every smoker, containing every necessary accessory and made with the smoking and rolling experience in mind. Our Tobox Classic provides an excellent solution for hand rollers, as the small neatly designed case contains a rolling machine, tobacco case, lighter case of space for filters and papers. The Tobox Green is our picture perfect paraphernalia pack, adding a grinder. herb tube and rolling surface to the Classic formula. Long story short - when we here at TOBOX talk about a smoking accessories box, we’re talking about an all-in-one portable and professionally designed rolling experience - and that’s a must for every smoker.

TOBOX provides the ideal luxury smoking accessories solution

For every smoking and rolling need, TOBOX finds a solution. Our products are of the highest quality, both durable and light, and fitting with different smokers and preferences. Whether you’re a casual hand rolled cigarette smoker or you’re a heavier cannabis smoker needing to grind while away from home - we got you covered with luxury smoking accessories. If we say so ourselves, our products are not only a luxury for smokers, they’re also quite frankly the most affordable luxury out there. You can buy wholesale or order single units, and select different colors from a wide and tasteful range. Keep in mind the TOBOX products are ideal gifts for smokers - even if said smokers are actually yourselves. You deserve to have the best smoking accessories found today.

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