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Cigarette Case

Cigarette Case

For a cigarette smoker, there is scarcely anything more important than the handling and carrying of cigarettes in the most convenient, stylish way possible. It’s easy to therefore understand why many smokers choose to abandon the usual wrinkly cigarette pack and use a cigarette case. What are the benefits of a cigarette case, and what options are there for those looking to take their smoking to the next level? let’s find out.

Carrying cigarettes in a pack just doesn’t cut it

Beinga a smoker isn’t all about actually smoking - it’s really a much broader lifestyle choice. While some may not be to the tastes of some, others may find it to be a quite stylish choice. Smokers usually tend to their smoking habit with care, and try to find the best solutions and appliances to help them smoke in the most convenient and controlled way possible. With that in mind, good ol’ cigarette packs just don’t cut it anymore, both in terms of convenience and in terms of style. While we may buy our cigarettes in packs (and many of us, who smoke our own hand rolled cigarettes, do not) - those same packs are usually wrinkly, don’t protect the cigarette’s structural integrity, and leave way too much in the way of looks and style. Those are the main reasons that lead people to use a far more comfortable cigarette case.

What is a cigarette case?

A cigarette case, as one can quite easily figure, is a case designed for cigarettes. Unlike the soft paper-like structure of a cigarette pack, a cigarette case will usually be made of a firmer, multi-use appropriate material. There are cigarette cases made of plastics, fabrics, metals and other materials - and it’s best to understand the benefits of different kinds of cases before choosing one for yourselves. Regardless, it is very clear that cigarette cases are the best way to carry your cigarettes around.

Why should I use a cigarette case?

Let’s review the benefits of using a cigarette case, compared to not using one:

  • Cigarette structural integrity - Every smoker out there is probably very familiar with the wrinkly cigarette smoking experience. If you’re somehow unfamiliar, we’re talking about cigarettes that are stored inside their company-produced pack, and are then shoved into a pocket or bag. The next step is a rather painful one - the pack is thoroughly squished, and the cigarettes in it lose their structural integrity. When using a firm and proper cigarette case, the cigarettes are never squished and are always ready to be conveniently used.
  • Cigarette volume control - If you’re carrying a pack of cigarettes, chances are you’re going to smoke all the cigarettes you carry in a relatively short amount of time. That’s how nicotine works, and many smokers look for ways to control the amount of cigarettes they smoke. A cigarette case allows you to do exactly that - carry as many or as little cigarettes as you like, and control how much you smoke when you’re leaving the house.
  • Hand rolling necessity - If you prefer to roll your own cigarettes by hand, a cigarette case holder is pretty much a necessity rather than a luxury. Hand rolled cigarettes are commonly frailer, thinner, and most importantly - they don’t come in packs. Considering all of the above, the only convenient way to carry around pre-rolled cigarettes when leaving the house is using a cigarette case.

Common problems to avoid when using a cigarette case

While using a cigarette case is definitely an “up” for smokers, there are some problems that arise from using some cases, and it’s best to avoid those problems and pitfalls when choosing your preferred case. One example of such a problem is the ability to safely shut the case so it doesn’t open when carried around, creating a mess that negates all its advantages. A design that doesn’t handle the closing mechanism with care will cause such a problem. Another example is cases that don’t consider hand rolled cigarettes and therefore don’t have appliances fitting for carrying filters, and are shaped so that a hand rolled cigarette won’t usually fit within the case.

Cigarette cases of different kinds

Like every other product, cigarette cases are far more than a single kind of case, and there are different kinds of cases that offer different benefits, and it’s important to understand the differences between cases to select the one most fitting with your needs. A plastic cigarette case, for example, is usually a simple cigarette-size-appropriate box that’s used to carry cigarettes. A metal cigarette box will usually be harder and larger, sometimes with an appliance designed for rolling cigarettes. The best kind of cigarette case is a luxury cigarette case, meticulously designed to answer every smoker’s specific needs - and the best example of such a case is the Tobox Classic cigarette case.

Tobox Classic - much more than a simple case

Tobox Classic is a cigarette case that offers way more than a simple space to safely carry cigarettes around. It is, for all intents and purposes, a multi-use tobacco pouch with spaces and pockets for cigarettes, tobacco, filter tips, rolling papers, a lighter and even a tobacco-compressing key for the instances than a cigarette did lose some of its structure. The Tobox Classic is designed to make the smoker’s life far more convenient, whether simply carrying some cigarettes around or being able to roll, carry and control the amount of cigarettes you smoke using one simple appliance.

TOBOX gives every smoker the best experience possible

TOBOX is a company founded and run by rolled cigarette smokers, with every product it offers being made not only with ingenuity but also with a deep understanding of a smoker’s needs. The Tobox Classic is a perfect example of that basic company identity, and there’s much more to TOBOX if you’re looking for it. The Tobox Green is another example, perfectly designed for cannabis smokers. Whether you’re looking to make your smoking easier and more stylish, or you’re looking to buy wholesale for your smoking shop - you can contact TOBOX and purchase some of the best cigarette cases you can find, and much more than that if that’s what you’re looking for.

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